System for monitoring and recording voltage sags in wind farms

AIRE-VDA II (Voltage Dip Analyzer) is a piece of equipment developed along with CIRCE Foundation to measure electric magnitudes (voltage, current, power) and quality in power supply (harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, overfrequency, underfrequency, transients....). It is also able to monitor and record voltage sags in wind farms with automatic validation of standards (by default PO 12.3 of REE (Red Eléctrica de España)) It can work as stand-alone system in a wind generator and has a remote control software with a friendly user’s interface.

Main Features.

  • Three-phase, single-phase and split-phase* monitoring 100~690V, 50/60/400Hz.
  • High-speed 256-samples-per-cycle recording.
  • Voltage dips, swells, and interruptions. Data recorded enable to validate REE PO 12.3.
  • Over-frequency and under-frequency events, 1 micro-second high-frequency impulse detection, time-triggered snapshots.
  • Voltage THD, current TDD and current THD*; voltage and current unbalance; VARs (fundamental* and Budeanu); VAR-hr accumulator*; flicker* (Pinst, PST, PLT).
  • Voltage and current harmonics and interharmonics—up to the 63rd, with statistics.
  • Watts, VA, VARs, True Power Factor, watt-hours, VA-hours. Peak averages—single-cycle, 1-minute and 15-minute, and at user-selected intervals. Daily, weekly, monthly trends; load duration curves and more. Energy accumulators—daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Built-in, self-rechargeable Li-Ion UPS with 10 minutes of backup power.
  • Built in web server.
  • DHCP/Fixed IP, POP, SMTP, FTP, Modbus-over-TCP.
  • SNTP synchronization.

Software for events analysis and reports generation.

The equipment is delivered with a PC software to process the events recorded by the measurement hardware. This software is made up of a user’s interface developed in Java (multiplatform). The software processes overfrequencies, underfrequenciaes, overvoltages and undevoltages, generating an event report in pdf format.

Specifically, th software processes the voltage sags events based on Red Electrica España (spanish TSO) PO 12.3requirements, showing whether the sag fulfills or not the requisites.

Measuring system and software for Voltage dips.