HV power lines monitoring

MLAT is a web based real time HV power lines monitoring system developed along with CIRCE Foundation for Transmission and Distribution System Operators. Based on the remote collection and analysis of meteorological data, the following functionalities are available:

  • Operation limits of power lines can be made dynamic to maximize the power transmission capacity.
  • Alarms to prevent overloads.
  • Sagging calculation to monitor the overhead lines clearance to the ground.
  • Integration with Osisoft PI.

Input parameters

The information gathered at the website comes from several sources:

  • Meteorological data: solar radiation intensity, ambient air temperature, wind speed that could be collected from a nearby meteorological station
  • Conductor temperature, mesasured using a temperature measurement sensor.
  • Calculated parameters: current intensity, maximum current intensity, distance to ground (catenary sag).
  • Administration: conductor properties, power line characteristics, sampling frequency, crossarm height, minimum allowed distance to ground, maximum allowed current intensity at control centre, maximum allowed conductor temperature.

 Calculated parameters

The calculated parameters displayed in the website are:

  • Current intensity circulating through the overhead conductor.
  • Distance to ground of the lowest point of the power line.
  • Catenary sag.
  • Maximum current intensity that could circulate under present conditions.