Enabling Manufacturing SMEs to benefit from High Performance, Computer-based Simulations

Fortissimo is a collaborative project that enables European SMEs to be more competitive globally through the use of simulation services running on a High Performance Computing cloud infrastructure. The project is coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and involves 123 partners including Manufacturing Companies, Application Developers, Domain Experts, IT Solution Providers and HPC Cloud Service Providers from 14 countries. These partners are engaged in 53 experiments (case studies) where business relevant simulations of industrial processes are implemented and evaluated. The project is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme and is part of the I4MS Initiative.

Ingeniería y Control Electrónico S.A. participates in Fortissimo leading a experiment funded in the First Open Call of the project. The objective of this experiment is establishing a commercial web portal offering in a SaaS basis the transformation of cartographic maps in different formats and resolutions to regular XYZ grid format files with the desired resolution. This is done using Kriging interpolation, whcih also helps to complete areas in the maps lacking information. The software is based on the migration to an HPC platform of the PC commercial software WindAST developed by Ingeniería y Control Electrónico S.A. which is currently used in wind farms design, but it could be used in any other industry dealing with different map formats (mining sector, building and infrastructures industry, other energy facilities such as solar FV plants, military and defence, waste management, environmental sector, universities and education...).

To demonstrate the validity of the solution, this experiment has engaged all participants in the commercial value chain, including the software vendor (Ingeniería y Control Electrónico), an engineering company as end user (SISENER) and an HPC infrastructure provider and technology expert (CESGA) with experience in Fortissimo platform..

Further information available in http://www.fortissimo-project.eu/

A project co-financed by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme