In the context of increasing the efficiency in the manufacturing operations, especially for SMEs, the objective of the iPlanner project is to develop a Discrete Event Simulator (or DES-based) tool, implementing it as a Finite Capacity Scheduler (or FCS), with the main aim to optimize all the manufacturing orders and processes within a factory. According to this approach, the simulator will act as a Cyber Physical Production System (CPPS), monitoring the physical resources of a factory-floor to control the complete production chain and its performance. In addition, the proposed SW tool will be designed with the ability to process a huge amount of data related to both the state of the factory and the production processes, to learn and evolve with the experience and time, resulting in a scheduler application to minimize the impact of incidents on productivity and to optimize fabrication costs.

Figure 1: Architecture of proposed FCS software

Ingecontrol is the industrial partner who will commercialize iPlanner FCS at the end of the project, integrating it with customers’ information systems. Other partners in the iPlanner Consortium are Gradiant, Spanish Technology Center developing the solution, and Grado Zero Innovation S.r.l., an Italian textile manufacturing company testing the solution.